It’s hard to believe that we’re already beginning April. If you are like us, you’re planning great things for the next quarter. If you’re looking to become more efficient and make more money in Q2, Ascend Technology has three valuable “Trinkets and Tips” that you’ll want to move on – today. These aren’t the best-kept secrets in the world – they’re the obvious technology solutions many businesses set aside year after year – but they are costing you money. Read on to learn why prioritizing these Trinkets and Tips are good for business.

CRM | The Heart of Tracking Leads

Customer Relationship Managment software is exactly what every business needs. CRM is the heart of tracking leads, so if you don’t have one, you need one. And, if you have one, it’s possible that you need to update it or replace it. It’s also possible you might even need to train your people how to use it. 

If you’ve got burning questions on which software is the right fit for your business, contact Ascend Technology today. Let’s sit down, talk, and get you positioned for the rest of the fiscal year. If it’s a matter of updating your software or training your people – let’s make an appointment. Our team of savvy tech professionals can come to the rescue. Whatever it is you need help with, make sure CRM is on the top of your list. 


Hardware | Don’t Overlook the Age of Your Tools

Not to sound harsh, but if you’re using hardware that’s more than three-years-old, you need to replace it. This consists of laptops, printers, tablets, servers, and so on. The probability of old hardware crashing or productivity slipping increases when you overlook the age of your tools. And, we’ve seen it happen over and over again! 

You might ask, “Do I need to replace all of my hardware at once?” No. A good way to see what’s replaceable is to make a list of all hardware items. You’ll also want to include the year of purchase, so you can assess what might need to be replaced. Once your business takes the leap to replace old hardware, you will be blown away by the speed. What’s more? Your people will be able to zip through work (which might allow them to take on additional duties)! The best part about updating your software regularly is efficiency.  

Training | Getting Everyone on the Same Page with Technology

Here at Ascend Technology, we can’t replace your hardware, but we know the right folks who can. We can also ensure that your employees are on the same page with a good, cohesive training. Helping people become well-versed in technology – it’s one of the biggest values we bring to the table!

Yes, we understand that training takes time and it costs money, but don’t push it aside any longer. Training is critical to the productivity of your business. And, you’re employees will feel more confident when they have the right skills to do their job. Every good employer should want that for their people.  

Gear Up for the Rest of 2018

Technology is moving at a pace that many businesses struggle to keep up with, but we can stop your business from sinking into a black hole (read more here)! We can also create custom software that will end up making you the office hero (check out our blog!). It’s what we do.

In the meantime, make sure you’ve got these three technology trinkets & tips on your Quarter 2 list of priorities. Stay ahead of the game. And, if you need any support, we’re here to help – simply click HERE to connect.