What We Do | Custom Software Development
So often, small organizations find themselves in a technology black hole with a single point of knowledge (which can often lead to process failure). They only adopt new technology practices based on the recommendation of the most tech-savvy employee on staff, instead of consulting with a technology expert. Ascend Technology exists to serve as that expert partner to this under-served market. Our mission is to discover and implement better technology utilization, and to create better processes to help small organizations thrive. We’re committed to using our expertise in custom software development to simplify tasks and processes, maximizing employee’s precious time, and removing that single point of failure that can cause immense harm to any organization, no matter how well positioned it is.

Business Technology Consultation

Many small businesses use the same technology tools for years and years for two simple reasons: it worked at the time it was implemented, and change is difficult. Yet, with technology evolving more quickly than ever, older processes may be costing you time and employee productivity, which adds up to dollars lost. If you’ve noticed a process within your organization that is extremely time-intensive (or frustrating to your team!), or if your old Excel spreadsheet isn’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to set up a consultation with Ascend Technology.

Discovery Phase

If the technology challenges you’ve identified in our consultation are a fit for Ascend Technology’s custom software development experience and expertise, the next step is the discovery phase. Here, our team will dig into the details, understanding exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, how your current technology process was developed, who is currently involved in managing the process, and if there are any barriers to streamlining the process with updated technology. Our goal: clearly understand your end-goal so that we can evaluate the process used to get there. We will find the right solution for your business.

Custom Software Development

The final step is to develop the best custom software solution for your needs. By thoroughly understanding the challenge, our team is able to approach the solution with clarity and creativity. We’ll develop the most practical, efficient system to meet your needs, while keeping an eye on cost and value. We’ll also ensure that your team is cross-trained on the new system, so that no one person is the single point of success or failure within your organization.

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