It’s not that big of a stretch to keep your employees satisfied by having the right custom software in place. Simply recognize that technology plays a big part in your employee’s day-to-day – and clunky applications and processes can be frustrating.  

In the end, you’re the hero for making a decision to find the right technology solutions for your team.

Our Process Is Simple.  And, We’re Here to Make YOU the Hero. 

The tech professionals at Ascend Technology are prepared to help you identify whether or not custom software is needed, and what bells & whistles might be valuable to build in. We can also help you get everyone – not just one “tech savvy” employee – on the same page to use your custom software. Better yet? We’ll find a custom solution for your budget.

We’ve been at this for so long that we’ve developed a smooth, step-by-step process from front to finish…


Let’s sit down, face to face, and gain an understanding of what your teams need.

Our Tech Professionals Start by Identifying What’s Needed

To figure out what custom software is best suitable for your team’s needs, we start by asking questions:

  • What do you like and/or dislike about the software you’re currently using?
  • Are any processes slowing your teams down? Could it be that your software simply needs upgrading?
  • Is every user on the same page? 
  • Ultimately, what do you want your custom software to do?

If a client finds custom software they need for ERP (Electronic Requirements Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), or other, they should use it. If not, we need to explore other options. Many times, we find that a custom solution is replacing a solution that is already customized.


Let the tech experts at Ascend Technology help you decide what custom solutions are right for your business.


What Bells & Whistles Are Valuable?

This all depends on cost and usability. At Ascend Technology, we try to use our knowledge as tech experts to help our customers understand pricing, the value of the product, and – in many cases – what will get the job done on a budget. Most of our clients are in the under-served market, so we understand just how far the dollar stretches for each customized solution.

If a company needs our team to maintain the final product, this can be a bit more expensive. All in all, it is an option (and often a great benefit) that we factor into the initial decision. It’s all a part of our process. 


The process of developing your custom software is step by step and simple.

Let’s Get to Work on Implementation

After we’ve decided on the design of your custom software, we start the development phase. We then thoroughly test the software to ensure you’re getting the value we’re promising. Once the product is deployed, we start training your people.


Let’s get all software users on the same page!


How Do We Train People to Use Custom Software?

In addition to finding software that works for your business culture and overall needs, training your people is key – and we gladly help with that process. We offer face to face training for a traditional, personal approach; however, if you prefer training via the web or one-on-one at a user’s desk, we can do that, too.

As long as we’re positioning ourselves to help everyone understand the “what” and “how” and “why” of their custom software – the Ascend Technology team can accommodate your training style. 


Find a technology solution that makes everyone happy.

We’re Here to Make YOU the Hero.

A good product is one that meets your goals and is user-friendly (so your teams will use it – consistently!). We love finding the right software solutions for our clients and hearing how it positively impacts efficiencies, performance, and even attitudes. It’s our job to help you find and design the right custom software to meet your business needs. In the end, however, you’ll be the real hero for making the decision to have the right technology in place for your teams.

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